Senior Parents – We need you players pics for Senior Night

Hello Parents of Seniors,

What an exciting year this is for you! We know you have a lot going on, but we need your help!

It’s our job to make Senior Night very special for the boys and their families. In order to do this, we need your help. We are looking for approximately 10-15 pictures of each player. We will use these photos to make a poster to be displayed on Senior Night. A variety of pictures makes the best poster. For example, you could have a first football photo, baby picture, favorite team photo, school pictures, action shots…go to our team Shutterfly account from this year, or years past…first day of school, special family event…anything you think would be meaningful for your son. We have portraits of the boys from picture day and a current team photo. If these are pictures you would like to keep in tact, please make copies of the originals and give us the copies.

While Senior Night isn’t until the end of the season, there are many hours that go into making these posters special for each player. We really need to have the pictures ASAP. We would like them by Wednesday, September 23rd.

Please use the Ziploc bag that you received at the picnic, or that your player received at the pasta dinners, and fill it with your photos. Make sure your son’s name is on the bag. You may drop them off in the plastic bin on the front porch at the Linebarger’s house: 27W174 Cove Lane, Warrenville…just down Herrick Road, south of the high school. OR give them to someone you know on the Senior Night Committee.

Call if you have questions 630-460-3589.

Thanks so much for your help!

Karie Leonard
Lisa Linebarger
Lisa Maher
Gia Kunkel
Pam Fiewigger
Stacey Farley

Please see the following attachment about Senior poster information.