USA Football – Interviews Head Coach Ron Muhitch

Listen here: Coach Muhitch has coached many different sports throughout his career, but he’s best known for his tenure as head football coach at the Wheaton-Warrenville South (Ill.). Over the course of three decades, Muhitch has transformed Wheaton-Warrenville South into one of the state’s most successful programs. He joins the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast to discuss his start in coaching, building a winning culture and how he’s using his recently created Twitter account.  Interviewed by Keith Grabowski @CoachKGrabowski – Host-The Coach & Coordinator Show.

Show notes

  • :46       Why Muhitch became a football coach
  • 2:48     Learning to work with “young people”
  • 4:10     How to create a legacy
  • 5:48     Traditions correlate with success
  • 8:02     The Red Grange philosophy
  • 12:18    Recommendation for schools who don’t have a winning tradition
  • 19:03   Recently joining Twitter
  • 21:34    Two-minute drill
  • 29:33   The winning edge