300 Winningest Programs of All Time – Tigers #6

August 17, 2019 Article by EdgyTim – Tim O’Halloran on Rivals.com 

Here is the annual listing for the most wins in Illinois prep football for 2019, as well as a list for the best winning percentages, along with a watch list of those schools that getting close to becoming part of Project 300 (300 wins is the minimum to being listed on the most wins list).


In comparison to last year’s list, there is very little change, except with the the number of schools that have been, plus the addition of a new school that came to light in the off-season (Chicago Morgan Park Military Academy/M.P. Academy), which no longer offers the sport. A book written by Joe Ziemba (“Cadets, Cannon, and Legends,” now available on Amazon) helped bring the school into the forefront, and the detailed information provided by the author has led to Morgan Park Academy’s inclusion on this year’s list.

As we’ve alluded to in the past, there’s more to the story, and we have hope that additional information for a number of schools will come forward in the future. Schools such as those in the Chicago Public League that began playing the sport earlier as 1924-25, along with the Chicago Catholic League and Suburban League schools, and even those in the “collar” counties around Cook County are ones we would like to get more details from in the coming year.

We are grateful for your interest in this list as well as willing to publicize it, and are hopeful we can continue to work together in the future.

Tom Sikorski and Kev Varney Authors, “Project 300”