The Program

School work always comes before football. Classroom A’ and B’s = eligibility on the field. Maintain a Core GPA 2.3+

Believe in yourself … Your inner strength ignites your performance level. Know and build your strengths

Respect Individual differences, race, size, gender and social groups on this team and in life.

Believe in something bigger than yourself. Practice yours in all that you do

When life knocks you down … you can either sit or you can pick yourself up. Never give up – in life or in football.

Build Integrity … in your name and in your number … Player to Player – Player to Coach – Player to Parent – Player to Teacher
It all represent you. Make good choices all the time

Opponents – Rules – Officials – Teammates – School Community. On the field, off the field, in our halls.

High Goals
“What you believe in your mind, you can achieve.”

Work Ethic
Your Success will equal your work commitment.

Football can be a dangerous game. Your equipment is designed to protect you and your opponent. Respect the game.
Proper technique and execution make winning programs. We practice correct and best practice in techniques to improve our
play on Offense, Defense and Special Teams

It takes a full-time, full-year commitment to excel as an athlete. Strength improvement protects you and enhances your
athletic performance. There are NO short cuts in football. Alcohol, Substance abuse, steroids are not tolerated in our
program. Sacrifice causes us to be unique and allows us to be Champions

Program, Team, Chapter. Past, Present, Future. Others came before you … others will follow you. Leave your team legacy.
Not one of us alone is good enough to beat anybody. The difference between victories and losses is often a few plays on an
equal playing field.

Home-School-Football … Together our family takes care of each other. “Semper Tigris … Always a Tiger”

Our attitudes, efforts and execution … will always make us winners, no matter what the final score.